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Ancient Holy stick City tour with Vedic chants by Shripanch Dashnam Juna Akhara

Sri Guru Dattatreya Vijay Tetram

City tour done to the holy stick worshiped with Vedic chants from place to place Haridwar.  The ancient holy stick, which was taken out by Shripanch Dashnam Juna Akhara, was taken on a city tour.  International Patron of Juna Akhara and General Secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, Shri Mahant Harigiri Maharaj, International President of Juna Akhara, Shri Mahant Premgiri Maharaj, and many saints, Shri Mahants were present, who are walking with the holy stick. 

Before this, after worshiping with full rituals, the holy stick, which came out from the Mayadevi temple in the evening of the saints, first reached Balmiki Chowk, where after worshiping Lord Valmiki, reached Shivamurti Chowk, where Lord Shiva was worshipped. 

Anointed with rituals.  From here the holy stick reached Tulsi Chowk, where Sant Tulsidas ji was consecrated, after the consecration, the holy stick reached Shankaracharya Chowk, where Adyashankaracharya was worshipped and consecrated.  Shankaracharya reached Amrapur Ghat near Chowk, where worship was done near the statue of Bhagirath.  From there the holy stick reached the Daksheshwar Mahadev temple.  Where the holy stick was worshiped with full rituals in the temple. 


After Daksheshwar, the holy stick was taken to the Pardeshwar Shivling temple located at Harihar Ashram, where Juna Peethadheeshwar Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Swami Avdheshanand Giri Maharaj along with MP Ashok Bajpai received the holy stick and offered prayers in the temple. 

purpose of Chadi Yatra:-

On this occasion, he said that the purpose of Chadi Yatra is to spread the propagation of Sanatan Dharma.  The neglected pilgrimages have to be developed and protected by their promotion and protection.  He said that Uttarakhand, which is a land of gods, has more than five thousand places of pilgrimage that are dilapidated and neglected.  Through this holy stick yatra, those places of pilgrimage are to be developed and there to attract the Sanatan devotees.  He reiterated that the population of a particular religion is increasing in a planned manner around the four dhams of the state. 

propagation of Sanatan Dharma:-

The government and the system will have to pay attention to this.  He said that the propagation of Sanatan Dharma has always been the goal of the Dasnam Sanyasis. 

Holy stick from Harihar Ashram:-

The holy stick from Harihar Ashram reached Kalu Siddha temple near Shantikunj late in the evening, where after worshiping late in the night, it reached Shri Mahant Bhallegiri Ashram, where after worshiping the stick in Shrabhangi Mahadev temple, the night rest was done at the same place.  On Sunday, the holy stick will be taken from Shri Mahant Bhallegiri Ashram Bhupatwala to Kali Mandir at Bhimgoda, where after offering prayers, prayers will be offered at the temple located in Babakali Kamli Ashram.  From there the holy stick will be taken to the Dakshin Kali temple at Chandighat.  During this, Shri Mahant Harigiri Maharaj appealed to the government to take action by making an action plan for the development and completion of neglected pilgrimage places in the state.  With the holy stick, the National Secretary of Juna Akhara, Shri Mahant Maheshpuri, Shri Mahant Shailendra Giri, Shri Mahant Kedarpuri, Shri Mahant Shivdutt Giri, Shri Mahant Toofan Giri, Thanapati Rajgiri, Shri Mahant Pushkar Giri, Shri Mahant Deendayal Giri, are walking along with a group of sadhus.  The holy stick will be brought to the Mayadevi temple premises after the tour on Sunday, from where it will leave for the journey of Uttarakhand as per the schedule.
  Shrimant Narayan Giri  Spokesperson Juna Akhara

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